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Pre-order your copy of Love Songs before April 30, and you will receive an instant download of Melinda's recording of the Joni Mitchell song 'Both Sides Now'.

Love Songs is released on Sunday, May 8. This item will be shipped from May 6, 2022. 

LOVE SONGS is a 10-track compilation featuring two brand new recordings: ‘Wearing White’, a duet with Mike Carr, and Melinda’s stunning version of Joni Mitchell’s 'Both Sides Now’.


1. You Are Something Else
2. I'll Take Care of You
3. Both Sides Now
4. Still Here (Duet with Paul Kelly)
5. Eternally
6. Sorry Seems to be The Hardest Word
7. Stronger
8. It Will Always Turn Around
9. Wearing White (Duet with Mike Carr)
10. To Love Somebody

Love Songs Album

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MPower Masks handmade by Melinda Schneider

Some of you may not know that my career started in fashion. Before I embarked on my original music career, I studied fashion technology for two years after I finished school. In 1990 I launched my own clothing label, specializing in evening wear and stage costumes. A few years later, singing and songwriting took over and while my album releases continued, I often designed my own red carpet and stage clothes.

Fast track to 2020, Covid comes along. People isolate, venues close and like many artists, my thirty date theatre tour was postponed till 2021. I had to adapt.

I adore fabric! One day I was going through the mountainous piles of fabrics sitting there doing nothing and decided to start making masks. I found that sewing was soothing and good for my mental health and people needed masks, so it was a double win. I hope you enjoy wearing my Mpower Masks, because hey, being safe doesn’t have to be boring!

Mark Gable Photography